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Introducing a new range of independent yarns from British indie dyers based in Cumbria and North Lancashire.  Exclusive to Woolly Madly Deeply.

Introducing Tweed Stripes

Lion Brand describes Tweed Stripes as:

Tweedy blends create subtle stripes as you knit, perfect for sweaters, scarves, accessories and more. A perfect blend of fashion and function this easy care, bulky yarn stitches up in a cozy, but lightweight fabric that looks and feels great.

All I can say is that’s very much an understatement!   The yarn colours are absolutely stunning.   I make no secret of my dislike for warm colours, only because they make me look pale, but I stock them because others love them.    The Woodlands colourway is really hard to photograph but is without a doubt the most beautiful ‘brown’ based yarn I’ve ever seen.  Shot through with threads of a peacock blue, rust and a base of warm and cool browns.   I’ll take some outside photos this week to try and capture the beautiful depths of this yarn.

Our Tweed Stripes colour range:



Amazing® Yarn Colour Changes

Lion Brand describes Amazing as:

Soft, warm, and lusciously lightweight, Amazing™ magically creates tweedy stripe patterns from the simplest of stitches, so even beginners can create dazzling designs. Stitch up stunning sweaters, accessories, and more.

From my point of view, I have a love-hate relationship with Noro.  I love some of the colours but hate the knots, the rough feel of Kureyon and other yarns, the constantly ugly colour changes and short knotted lengths you get mid ball and which don’t belong.  I also totally  hate picking out vegetable matter such as leafy pieces, twigs and sharp bits of wood.      

So what’s that got to do with Amazing?  Well, Amazing is SOFT, beautifully soft, no knots in any of the balls I’ve used, has flowing colour changes (which do vary but not with stupid odd colours which don’t belong!), is MACHINE WASHABLE, will felt (at 60c) and knits up quickly on 5.5mm needles.  What’s not to fall in love with?   This fabulous yarn works out at £6.50 a ball, has great yardage and will wash and wash, whilst still looking AMAZING.

How does Amazing look knitted up?

Left to right Aurora, Ruby, Wildflowers, Arcadia, Glacier Bay, Vineyard, Mauna Loa, Roses, Joshua Tree

Aurora RubyWildflowersArcadiaglacier bayvineyardmauna loa

roses colour swatchjoshua tree