Designer Spotlight PJKaylor

Designer Spotlight PJKaylor

Today I’ll be featuring some gorgeous designs from just one designer, Peggy Jean Kaylor or pjkaylor to her friends on

One of my favourites is Leaves of Lothlorien.   I read Lord of the Rings at 8 years old and loved it, Tolkein created an incredible world where I could escape the day to day.   The film adaptations captured the written details perfectly and Peggy’s scarf does just the same thing.  It evokes magic, mystery and an ethereal atmosphere.       The pattern is very well written with clear instructions for every stage.     It’s adaptable – you could use it to make a garland for Christmas, a scarf for a night out using some sparkly yarns and it would even make a great hatband.    A friend of mine made it several times with different yarns and loves it.  The scarf is construction using garter stitch and short rows, so it’s a fabulous practice piece.   Each leaf ‘grows’ from the central spine and can be placed where you want them.   In this case, the short rows don’t require any special skill so all you need to know are how to knit-on cast on, traditional bind off/cast off, knit, knit 2 together. The short row shaping does not require any special treatments beyond turning the work and just knitting whatever number of stitches is specified instead of completing each row.

You could make several in shades of green or in autumnal shades (Fall to our US cousins) for a showstopper accessory or you could just make a short length and add it as an embellishment to a bag or garment, it’d look fabulous around the yoke of a sweater.

As for the LOTR, I try and read it once a year although I admit I skip the chapters with shelob the spider – ewwww..   Each of these gorgeous designs is 25% off so don’t miss the sale!   The coupon code is giftalong2015 without any spaces!

greenleaf4 mediumIMG 2675 medium2

IMG 2760 medium2Vine Scarf 001 medium2

Next up is the Heart Throb Scarf, a pretty project for those wanting to try something a bit lacy but not too much and fancy a go at bobbles to give texture.  Peggy has designed a cute heart motif which you could do many times on the scarf as shown, or just once at each end.    It’s very well written and every part of the pattern is clear, even for beginners.  

IMG 1835 medium2

Last, but by no means least, and made in a fabulous blue, is Melite, Nymph of Calm Seas, another very well written pattern, which has optional beading for those wanting to add a bit of glitz.    What I love about Melite is that every element is totally reversible. The beads sparkle from both sides of the fabric. The lace and solid sections are created from reversible stitch patterns. It makes the perfect wrap.   Why is that good?  It means you can’t wear it inside out, as either side looks amazing!   Great to grab as you dash out the door for a bit of added glamour and warmth

Stitches used in the pattern: k, p, yo, k2tog. While the techniques are not difficult, most knitters will need to pay regular attention to either the written instructions or the chart to successfully insert the solid zigzags into the lace ground and to place the beads correctly within the zigzags.    Beading is optional but adds a subtle sparkle. If knitted exactly as the pattern directs, Melite requires 1,213 size 6/0 glass seed beads. Placing the beads requires either Threader Floss dental floss or a small steel crochet hook that will fit through the center of the beads.    The pattern includes complete abbreviated row-by-row written instructions as well as fully charted directions.

Melite pattern sample modeled 001 medium2


I’ve finished my Campside Hat by CarolynMac and my Renilda Hat by Tracey Lee.

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