Introducing Tweed Stripes

Lion Brand describes Tweed Stripes as:

Tweedy blends create subtle stripes as you knit, perfect for sweaters, scarves, accessories and more. A perfect blend of fashion and function this easy care, bulky yarn stitches up in a cozy, but lightweight fabric that looks and feels great.

All I can say is that’s very much an understatement!   The yarn colours are absolutely stunning.   I make no secret of my dislike for warm colours, only because they make me look pale, but I stock them because others love them.    The Woodlands colourway is really hard to photograph but is without a doubt the most beautiful ‘brown’ based yarn I’ve ever seen.  Shot through with threads of a peacock blue, rust and a base of warm and cool browns.   I’ll take some outside photos this week to try and capture the beautiful depths of this yarn.

Our Tweed Stripes colour range:



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